S.C.A.R. - Pod

S.C.A.R. - Pod

SCAR – Pod (Self Contained Aerial Reconnaissance) Pod

Originally designed for the Pilatus PC-9 single-engine turbo-prop training aircraft, the S.C.A.R.-Pod (Self Contained Aerial Reconnaissance Pod) can be integrated onto any Aircraft equipped with hard points.

This Pod is completely self-sufficient and allows both wireless and hard connection options for the operation.

The SCAR Pod provides options for EO/IR Surveillance Camera’s between 10“ to 20“ with HD resolution in EO & IR with day and night capability and can be easily transferred to other airborne assets i.e. Rotor Wing, providing flexibility between aircraft types.

Data link connection for both upload and download capability from pod to operator station is makes this option extremely viable in all SAR missions.

The use of an internal - easy changeable - battery pack grants power supply for up to 10 hours as an another option if not using aircraft power.

The S.C.A.R.-Pod does not need any airframe modifications on the aircraft. The lug suspensions enable immediate use on every aircraft with hard points. The light weight carbon fibre pod carries a complete surveillance mission architecture which upgrades any aircraft to an ISR platform in less than 1 hour.


Out Of The Box Surveillance

It offers room for an EO/IR Gimbal, Downlink, Uplink, Moving Map, Augmented Reality System and COMINT/SIGINT equipment. With this new S.C.A.R.-Pod every aircraft and helicopter equipped with hard points can be a surveillance aircraft instantly.

Although the S.C.A.R.-Pod is an "out of the box solution" it turns out to be very flexible in fulfilling special customer needs. On the basis of "Plug & Fly" the customer is able to add ISR capability to his fleet.

Depending on the size of the gimbal the S.C.A.R.-Pod is scalable in three versions:

10" EO/IR Cameras


15" EO/IR Cameras


20" EO/IR Cameras